Honest Aesthetics

March 30, 2010

Video displays the deformation or death of character by society because you opt in taking the road highly traveled. Stand up for who you are and learn not to follow the masses just because this is what we are trained to do. Heaven forbid you are different because society will ostracize you.

 paraphrasing Erykah Badu

Gotta love her and her pattern of bold art and integrity. The left and ride side of the brain will be in constant rotation, New Amerykah 1 and 2


November 17, 2009


“Being a good friend is one of the most fulfilling jobs anyone can have especially if you are good at it”


25 Random Things About Me

January 30, 2009

I figured I’m bored at work so let’s pass some time

1. I hate raw veggies with a passion. In my eyes you have to be a special person to know how to make a salad taste great. However, I love cooked veggies international style or in any international cuisine. My favorite veggies are sun dried tomatoes (fruit?) and spinach, I always try to make meals in which I have both in some manner…ok enough about veggies

2. I may no longer do art anymore, but love to cook and cook for others. I would love to teach others to cook…or volunteer in art therapy for kids

3. The majority of my male friends have had feelings for me of more than a friend in some manner, I however don’t feel the same way the majority of the time, and even those who thought I may, may get a unexpected answer if they asked

4. I’m a naturally dreamy girl, I love to daydream all the time, think of ways to be a better person, become enlightened, read philosophy and mentally changeling book, read about cultural identities and civil liberties. I like to enjoy life my way and sometimes create and like to believe my own world…and not the stuff I see everyday on the streets. I actually become really excited when I daydream, and prepare for it like its Christmas.

5. I believe I have heightened senses to the nth degree, so I tend to scare myself by sensing what is not there (you can imagine the rest), and my woman’s intuition is 95% correct

6. I tend to draw all types of people to me, but those who doubt themselves, have low confidence, are not sure of themselves, or compare themselves to others tend to not last long in my life, and by divine nature they become dismissed.

7. I have a huge heart for kids, animals, and those who have become the effects of other people’s reckless causes

8. At my church I aid in counseling people who have lost loved ones twice a month and send out sympathy cards

9. I was baptized in April 2007 in Atlanta, GA. However, I believe I was saved in my college dorm room at Temple University in the summer of 2005 while doing my homework in the afternoon…no joke!

10. I’m a Pisces, artistic, black feminist, who is also a chemist, passionate provider of love, napoleon complexed individual

11. I love anything with CHEESE, especially pepper jack cheese

12. I stutter when I am anxious, nervous, excited, and have had to take speech therapy to overcome this challenge several times through out my childhood

13. I used to cry as a child whenever I thought of my parents dying

14. I have 17 screws and 2 metal plates in my right ankle from a car accident I was in, in May 2007

15. I love my brother to DEATH, even though we fight sometimes like cats and dogs, he always gives my great advice and he always supports me as I do him. I wish him the best in all he ever does!!

16. My middle name is Nicolé not Nicole

17. For some odd reason I always attract Pisces people into my life

18. As you can probably tell I love learning about Zodiac signs. When I first meet a person I usually ask what is there birthday

19. I love dark chocolate, and I hate milk chocolate and white chocolate

20. I am a chemist but would love to be a cosmetic chemist and cosmetologist that travels around the world and lived temporarily along the Mediterranean promoting my cosmetics and exposing my children to other “arts of living”

21. I have a blog that a few people know about because I am brutally honest on it and I don’t want to be judged…I actually wish no one knew about it so I could be more honest and direct

22. I have a Master’s in Polymer Chemistry and a minor in Analytical Chemistry…but I was supposed to get my PhD in them…I just hated GA Tech (grad school) too much…it started to mess with my health and well being…however I wouldn’t change a thing because it prepared me for the worst

23. My mom and grandma have lupus…and I wonder if it will affect my health one day

24. I would love to go back to school to become a sex therapist and woman activist, promoting safe sex awareness, self-esteem, and sexual confidence and positive and constructive inquisitiveness

25. I’m a daddy’s girl, and judge all men by the standard of my father. I love how I see him love my mom and how they both need each other and can’t live without one another. They have been married for 25 years and hopefully I will have the same

1. The number of sexual partners you’ve had plus or minus five

2. That you totally just washed your hands

3. That the reason for your bags is not, in fact, that you were out late partying but that you were up late reading “Twilight”

4. That you’re naturally toned

5. How much you paid for that (ridiculously cheap) pair of shoes

6. How much you paid for that (ridiculously expensive) bag

7. That you’re not planning on seeing “Marley & Me”

8. That your favorite magazine is, duh, The New Yorker

9. That you can not do a headstand in yoga class

10. That you made that lasagna yourself

11. Your height and weight on your driver’s license

12. That this is your natural hair color

13. That you totally read “The Feminine Mystique” and it changed your life

14. That you stayed at work a full hour after your boss left

15. That you didn’t just fart right now

16. That you don’t know all the lyrics to “I’ll Make Love To You” by Boyz II Men

17. That of course you floss every day, Dr. Smith!

18. That you never ever, ever look at so-and-so’s Facebook page!

19. That you just love your friend’s boyfriend/husband

20. That you really adore that pink sweater and thanks so much Grandma!

21. That you always recycle

22. That you had only one glass of wine last night not five because that would be excessive

23. That your current boyfriend is totally the best sex of your life

24. That you’re not the jealous type

25. That you read all sections of the paper, not just the Style and Entertainment sections


author: Dennis Kimbro


PostSecrets.com...is the best!

PostSecret.com…it’s the best!

“I’ve tried to live my life as an example to others…I tried to be loving and thoughtful…I’ve tried to be caring and kind…I’ve tried to be a good person,though many times I’ve stumbled…I’ve tried to be a witness; to play my part;to live humbly and without regret.” “Our lives are our witness, and our witness is our legacy. It is what lives on in the world after we have departed.”

“Surving is easy; living can be difficult. We are so conditioned to think that our lives revolve around great moments. But great moments often catch us off guard.”

“You never know the power you possess to heal a human heart. Regardless where life may lead, you’ve got a role to play. Sometimes circumstances won’t allow you to reach back, but they should never stop you from reaching over”



…I spent most of the night talking to the ex’s friends because they seem more comfortable than the guys, plus I’m tuned into the pussy discovery channel. I’m not gay but I think women are the species that can really understand the beauty of life and its obstacles, especially black women, even compared to twin fish men, gay men, or good guys, and I want to experience that ora of real life rawness and pure passion, that feeling of let’s just be, no ego, all flaws, just vulnerable and honesty…something that seems foreign now


Support System

November 2, 2008

I was telling one of my great amigos my plans for my future in regards to my careers. To be a wedding planner, a cosmetic chemist, and a make-up artist. I started to feel excited about life again, after I decided to leave GA Tech with my Master’s in Polymer Chemistry rather than my PhD. I felt like my voice was finally going to be heard and what I wanted to do was finally going to happen like a fairytale. I kept talking 100mpm and my amigo said to me “Hold on, let’s do one thing at a time…first and foremost you have bills to pay so you need a job, and it may not be what you want at first.” My air balloon popped and I was mad at one of my biggest supporters. My feelings of my dreams were temporarily crushed and I was pissed of at him. He finally said to me after seeing my face “Always remember I have your being, that’s more than your back.” I cracked a smile…still upset. A week later he hooked me up with a weeding planner in Atlanta who has high clientele and told me to take my time and learn 🙂

The Human Back

The Human Back

What to do when everything that is/was falsely positive comes to the light in too many aspects at the same time (in a week) in your life: re-evaluate, prioritize, take a plan of action, stick to your guns, and beg GOD for endurance to fight through and recognize bullshit. Even with second guessing my intelligence based on one test to get my Master’s at GA Tech, still scrambling to pursue a career in the middle of chemistry, the recession, art, and my destiny to push those to be aware of their doings and set a positive feminine influence, to those who think I’m blind and don’t know what they do (if I don’t see it my chicas will),  to my chica who is stingy with her hair rollers (when I do her hair for free !!!  :/), I maintain and at the end of the day love those who really love me back…and be thankful for what is sincerely positive 

) Just relate to her emotion
Not me hehe 🙂 Just relate to her emotion