Good Tired

April 27, 2010

5:45 am

Struggle to wake from his rib and snuggly bed

headful of wishful thinking of things to come and goals to complete

only 24 hours so I gotta get up, for at least 8 hours I toy with corporate

while the next five I sweat and yearn for my dream to be

…stop day dreaming, back to the reality of morning

30 min to wash-up, do hair, eat breakfast, get dressed, kiss the babe, say bye to the dog, and in my car

80 mph minimum to the other side of town

4 hours in the office, lab work, paper work, meetings, dumb ass boss

Lunch!!..i mean nap in the car

4 hours in the office, lab work, paper work, meetings, stupid ass boss

…thinking… “I should threaten to leave”

off to school with gospel melodies singing to me and pushing me through 285 to lift my spirit, to keep

joy in my heart, a smile on my face, to rest in assurance, and to keep me lifted

4 hours of being in love, of compassion, and romance, and dedication to my calling of aesthetically

pleasing my clients with my personal creations of hair magnificent with my hands….aaaaaaaahhhhh

rest assurance, owning my own is around the corner


fly 5 minutes down the street to my sweet honey bee

we are both tired

but he keeps my blood warm and my goals are his, and his our mine

sweet kisses and caresses

always feeling and feening for summer time

some of his love

God’s love and his love keep me going, keep me strong

so I can pull this stunt for the next morning song


Honest Aesthetics

March 30, 2010

Video displays the deformation or death of character by society because you opt in taking the road highly traveled. Stand up for who you are and learn not to follow the masses just because this is what we are trained to do. Heaven forbid you are different because society will ostracize you.

 paraphrasing Erykah Badu

Gotta love her and her pattern of bold art and integrity. The left and ride side of the brain will be in constant rotation, New Amerykah 1 and 2

I Agree 100%

March 3, 2010

With So Much Talk About “The Secret,” How Does This New Age Movement Line Up With The Word Of God?

By Kassandra Bragg

I’ve debated long and hard about posting this lense as I know the content is very controversial. However, the heretical statements made by “The Secret” teachers cannot go unchallanged. It is often said of opponents of “The Secret” and other Metaphysical teachings that we are negative people who don’t “get it.” I plan to prove the opposite is true. It is my moral obligation to speak up and speak out against this wave of New Age Metaphysical beliefs invading the Church.

 First off, I want to state that I’m sure people are getting “something” out of “The Secret” movie. “The Secret” does promote such concepts as gratitude and positive thinking. This is not surprising to me because this is how satan operates. 2 Corinthians Chapter 11 clearly states that satan and his messengers masquerade as Angels of Light (see verses 13-15), so of course it would “appear” to be a good thing on the surface. However, if you watch the movie and the Oprah episodes with a Spirit of Discernment, the  very opposite is true. In this article, I am going to go over serveral points and in the end, hope to show that it is impossible for “Born Again” Christians to participate in this New Age Mysticism and be right with God. Pretty big claim huh? Let’s Get Started!

Where Does Sin Fit In? 

The Bible Versus “The Secret” View On Sin, Heaven, & Hell

So what does sin have to do with anything? Well, seeing as there are over 1300 Scriptural References to sin I think it bears mentioning.

For starters, one of the main premises in the Secret is to go by your “feelings” and emotions. It says if you “feel good” then you’re on the right path, but if you “feel bad” then you’re going the wrong direction. This is in direct contradiction to Jer. 17:9 wich states that the heart (feelings) is deceitful and wicked and cannot be trusted. Read all Jeremiah 17 to get full context.

This “feel good” mentality makes no sense at all. Think about it, doesn’t ALL sin feel good? I mean, if sin felt bad WHO would do it? HA HA! Not only that, but one of their main examples of “The Secret” in action was of a gay man and a fornicator. I will not get into a debate on this here, just refer to The Word. 1 Cor. 6:9-10 says it clearly.

Also, in “the Secret Movie” Neal Donald Walsh said “God has no purpose for your life, it’s what you make it and you’ll never be judged for it, not now not ever.” This is in direct contradiction to the hundreds of scriptures refering to the final judgment. Romans 2:4-6 and thoughout the entire New Testament the Final Judgment is spoken of.

On a similar note, on the Oprah Winfrey Show, Dr Michael Beckwith quoted whom he calls “Jesus, The Prophet” (this is what those who deny the Diety of Christ commonly refer to Him as)as saying “the Kingdom Of God is within” he apparently, didn’t read the Scripture in context. “The Kindom Of God” and Heaven are 2 separate things. Jesus is the Kingdon Of God. Specifically, The Body Of Christ; The Church. That’s why He said “The Kindom Of God Is At Hand” in Mark 1:14-16 Also, it is clearly noted throughout Scripture that Heaven & Hell are physical places as shown in the Book of Matthew. Heaven is where the Father resides. Also Heaven and Hell NOT our final resting place, but the New Earth & Lake Of Fire.

satan, “Accidents,” Stuggles, And Being “Anti” Anything 

What Does The Bible Say? Does It Contradict “The Secret?”

“The Secret” teachers make the claim that everything “bad” that happens to you is your own creation. Now, I am not denying that in SOME cases this is the case, but definately not most. Jesus said in Matthew 5:44-46 that God in HEAVEN (another reference to a physical place NOT just a state of mind FYI) makes it to rain and the sun to shine on the good and the evil. In other words, “Good things happen to bad people, and bad things happen to good people.” In the Book Of Ecclesiastes Solomon, states that “time & Chance” happens to all. In other words, “Stuff happens.” Futhermore, in The Book Of James he speaks about trials and difficulties you’ll face. Also Jesus states that we will be HATED for His namesake. Funny how “The Secret” teachers leave that part out.

Another important component that is left missing is the devil. You see we have a real advasary and they are playing right into his hands. The devil’s 2 biggest tricks are twisting the Word of God to make man the God, and convincing mankind he doesn’t exsist. He has definately succeeded with that with “The Secret.”

The Bible also teaches to “Fight The Good Fight Of Faith.” This is the part that irks me the most. They state that if you stand against injustice, you attact more of it. Tell that to the Civil Rights Activists, the Founding Father’s Of America, etc. If someone didn’t STAND UP and STAND AGAINST injustice, we wouldn’t be here right now, I know I certainly wouldn’t.

It really burned me up when they spoke about the War on Terrorism. Us sitting on our hands and being Pro Everybody else is exactly who thousands of Americans are dead today at the hands of terrorists! Because we did NOTHING. We didn’t protect ourselves. Mini personal vent for ya lol.

So What’s The Big Deal? 

Oprah stated on her show how God gave us all Free Will. This is true, however, we have free will to seek HIS will. To glorify Him with our lives. In my opinion, this movie is teaching people to trust in themselves and the “genie” of the Universe that is only there to serve them. This is not the Gospel. They have created an idol, an image of a God that doesn’t exsist.

The truth is, there’s a Heaven and a Hell, and no matter how much money you give, no matter how much you make (or don’t make), no matter how many charities you start, being a “Good Person” will not get you to Heaven. And since we’ll spend a lot more time dead than alive…(ponder that for a moment) I think it bears a little thinking about. The Bible is clear, you will not get to Heaven just because you said a prayer asking Jesus into your heart, you go to Church, and label yourself a Christian. Jesus said in Matthew 7:21-23 that not even one who professes to be a Christian will go to Heaven.

So what is the Will of The Father? We find it in the 10 commandments (I guess God didn’t understand “The Secret” since He gave us commands of what He DID NOT WANT Hmmmmm….I guess when Jesus confronted the Pharasies, when Paul wrote to the Churches, when Joshua marched around the wall of Jericho, I guess none of these guys knew “The Secret” yeah ok lol…back on topic)

So all of us can say we’re a Good Person right? I mean, we haven’t killed anybody or done anything really bad right? I mean compared to the really bad people, we’re not that bad. Well, by who’s standard will we be judged? In Proverbs 3:5-7 the Bible says to lean not on your own insight and understand but God’s (another “The Secret” contradiction) and HE will direct your paths (not you, HE will). So if we want to know if we are really good, we need to look to God and His Standards.
So How Good Are You And What Is God’s Standard? Click Here To Find Out

In Conclusion 

The Bible has prophesied about False Teachers and vain philosphies. This is why it is SO important, that if you call yourself a Christian, you READ YOUR BIBLE. I urge you, Read the Bible cover to cover. There’s a 90 day Bible (See links) that’s inexpensive. Get it, read the Word of God for yourself, pray daily, fight the good fight of Faith brothers and sisters. We are in a war zone here. We have a real enemy after our souls and these “teachers” are helping him populate Hell.

Again, I must reiterate, I am not against positive thinking. Quite the opposite. What I am against is satan and these “teachers” perverting the Word to suit their own purposes.

I pray that this lense wakes someone up. Feel free to post a comment in the guest book, good or bad.

God Bless You All,


Updates & Notes: 

*note: satan is spelled in small letters intentionally because he does not deserve the respect of capitalizing his name.

*update: It has been brought to my attention that Michael Beckwith said “Kingdom Of Heaven” not “Kingdom Of God”. Surely if you’re going to debate a Christian and you choose to quote the Bible, you should not mis-quote it! Even more reason to read your Bible’s Christians.

Helpful Links: 

These are links for Christians and others who’d like a Biblical Alternative To “The Secret” as well as other resources.
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Instantly find scriptures several different translations.
Read The Bible In 90 Days
In Just 12 Pages A Day, you can read the Bible cover to cover!
Revolution In World Missions
Get your free copy of this book! This is a much needed book and truly golden. It has literally changed my perspective on many things and is timely especially in a time when our humanistic materialistic worldview has even sadly permeated the church. It’s free, no strings, and I don’t get paid to recommend it (not in this life anyway).
Are You A Loving Christian?
Jesus summed up the Law (summed up, NOT erradicated) in 2 commands, Love God with all you heart, and Love your neighbor as yourself. Are YOU loving your neighbor? Take the test and find out!
Way Of The Master
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So What’s All This God Stuff About Anyway?

Well Said

January 20, 2010

The U.S. has the ability to predict when Earthquakes are in the forecast, so why not te most recent ones in Haiti, Venezuela, and the Cayman Islands?… (CLICK ON  THE LINK:


My Daily Forecast (via email) for 1/4/2010:


SMALL STRAWS IN A SOFT WIND by Marsha Burns — January 4, 2010:

Your level of obedience to My Word and your faith in My promises will be tested. Disobedience and unbelief will be revealed in the fires of testing, and you will have opportunities to make corrections as necessary. Do not be afraid, for this is part of the cleansing process that will produce the power of My presence. Without the fires of purification, you will not realize the power.

This is a time of renovation and restoration and of coming into complete order in every area of your life. Order will be the result of allowing divine wisdom to direct your steps on every level and in every situation and circumstance. Seek Me continually, and trust Me perpetually.

You have experienced an upheaval and a shaking, and your foundation has been laid bare. Now, you can begin to be established and settled on a new level of understanding and stability. Stay in the flow of My Spirit, and you will regain confidence that I am doing a good work in you and will bring it to perfection. The worst is over, but it’s not over.

The enemy has tried to isolate you and instill a sense of lonely desolation, but he is a liar. I am going to override this attack against you and give you a sense of connection. You will again know innately that you are a vital part of the whole. And, your fear of living without purpose will be a thing of the past. I am your purpose!

That feeling of being stagnant is going to be displaced as you yield to a subtle stirring in your innermost being. This stirring will make you feel unsettled and will create a desire to move, to progress, that cannot be denied. You can no longer live with feeling stifled, stale, and bored. It is My will that you break forth out of deadness; let Me lead you in newness of life and restore to you a sense of kingdom adventure.

Watch as I open doors of opportunity for you to shine in dark places. You don’t like the darkness, but it still exists and grows more and more desolate. You are My light, and this darkness will not overtake you, but will be revealed for what it is by the light that is in you. Keep the lamp of the Spirit burning brightly within, and let your light shine!

The things that you have been required to lay aside for a season will begin to re-emerge, and even though they appear to be exactly the same, you will soon realize that this emergence is actually the manifestation of new growth. What you laid down had to go through a spiritual metamorphosis, and will come forth as born from above – changed in substance and nature. This is a resurrection of sorts, a seed sown in the flesh, dead, buried, and resurrected in the power of the Spirit. Rejoice!

The days ahead are pregnant with the hope of My glory and are ready to bring forth, says the Lord.


What I did:  

Start a new class today in cosmetology school. In March I’ll be a senior student!!!

What I saw (via the internet):


What I read online:


The Good and the Bad all in one day, and on Sunday I was taught a sermon about Living Fearlessly. That events will occur in 2010 that will require you to be Fearless and find strength and faith in God at ALL times.


….what do you think?


December 28, 2009

…after winter, must come spring…change, it comes eventually…

Make sure to take time to reflect on this past year so you may count your blessings, trials, and tribulations to allow you to prep for the next to follow. Take all of the events you have encountered  this past year as life experiences and make sure to stop and move the rock that blocks you from the next lessons to be learned. I’m excited for 2010, I swear each year gets better as I become gracefully older, wiser, more honest, bolder, and more conscience. I hope you all take life by the hand for the new year and on, rather than let it pass you by. Love, peace, and many blessings for now and tomorrow

Also, MATTEL just came out with their first African-American Barbie Doll Line, this week, entitled “So In Style”


All of this with having a great African-American President and 1st Lady who display magnificent examples of strong, healthy, supportive, and determined, black love

Words of Encouragement

December 2, 2009

In the course of 24hrs, and on World Aids Day (12/1/2009) I heard various life trials and tribulations.

1. A classmate told me of the time she was raped in 2003 and how she was molested as a child.  These incidents in her life kept her from becoming close to males through out her life and as forced her to find happiness in her job. She is 36 and told me she would have been in love, been married, would have already had children, if she did not encounter these trials. I told her that I was also raped in January of 2007. I also told her that same year I was baptised and I was in a severe car accident that left 17 pins and 2 plates in my right leg. That same year I went to counseling and was prescribed antidepressants and panic medicine.

2. I found out that my father did not receive the job he was promised over the Thanksgiving holiday, keeping in mind he was layed off almost 3 months ago. My mother was disappointed and has been worried for the past couple of months, but doesn’t want to worry my father so she calls me to talk.

3. I heard on the radio that a woman was told by her husband, yesterday morning, that he has been HIV positive for the past 2 years of their 20 year marriage. The man claimed he stepped out because his wife could not meet his needs. The woman starting crying and her husband told her she was being insensitive to his feelings and needs. The man was sleeping with other men.

As life brings us obstacles to overcome and ordeals to test our faith in God and who we are, remember that God only brings you to and through obstacles that he knows you can tackle through your faith and His words, mercy, and grace. Each obstacle prepares you for the blessings that are about to come in your favor, so even though it may be difficult to say and understand, give thanks for the good and bad. I honestly believe that without the obstacles I endured in 2007 I would not be able to know how strong my faith is and how strong I am. Without the obstacles I endured I would not be able to recognize my blessings and my ability to throughly understand hardships. As I was reminded by the dear soul mate, God’s word is ever-living, and thus applies differently to various parts of your life and its meaning will change, but the words remain.

“Experience is not what happens to you; it is what you do with what happens to you.”

~ Aldous Huxley

Useful Scripture for Encouragement

Deuteronomy 31:6 is an encouragement verse that talks about being strong and courageous. It pleads with us not to be terrified of our enemies because the Lord God is always on our side. Philippians 4:6 talks about being not anxious about anything. This scripture encourages people to pray and to pray with contentment and thanksgiving to God. Galatians 6:9 is an encouragement verse for success where it states that people should not stop doing good for at the proper time they will reap a harvest if they do not give up.

Food for Thought

November 23, 2009

God never said weapons will not be formed against us….HE just said they won’t prosper…..Walk In It!!

November 17, 2009


“Being a good friend is one of the most fulfilling jobs anyone can have especially if you are good at it”