Good Tired

April 27, 2010

5:45 am

Struggle to wake from his rib and snuggly bed

headful of wishful thinking of things to come and goals to complete

only 24 hours so I gotta get up, for at least 8 hours I toy with corporate

while the next five I sweat and yearn for my dream to be

…stop day dreaming, back to the reality of morning

30 min to wash-up, do hair, eat breakfast, get dressed, kiss the babe, say bye to the dog, and in my car

80 mph minimum to the other side of town

4 hours in the office, lab work, paper work, meetings, dumb ass boss

Lunch!!..i mean nap in the car

4 hours in the office, lab work, paper work, meetings, stupid ass boss

…thinking… “I should threaten to leave”

off to school with gospel melodies singing to me and pushing me through 285 to lift my spirit, to keep

joy in my heart, a smile on my face, to rest in assurance, and to keep me lifted

4 hours of being in love, of compassion, and romance, and dedication to my calling of aesthetically

pleasing my clients with my personal creations of hair magnificent with my hands….aaaaaaaahhhhh

rest assurance, owning my own is around the corner


fly 5 minutes down the street to my sweet honey bee

we are both tired

but he keeps my blood warm and my goals are his, and his our mine

sweet kisses and caresses

always feeling and feening for summer time

some of his love

God’s love and his love keep me going, keep me strong

so I can pull this stunt for the next morning song


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