I started writing again…

October 26, 2009



It’s been a long time since I put ink to paper for the formulation of trying to organize my stream of conscience…so I’ll/we’ll see what happens. Last time I seriously and whole heartedly wrote was during my car accident, and the conversations I had with God. I only placed snap shots on my blog…and I may do the same this time, don’t know. But I know I need to write to have my outlet of emotions be expelled…because Im tired of just…being, so I’ll start to write…to write to myself, for clarity, for peace, and to God. I plan on growing just like the last time, so we’ll see what happens, hopefully the formation of a place for more happiness to grow. Don’t know when I will exactly start to write, I assume sooner than later, but I figure I place it in the air that I know change is coming, so I’m getting prepared




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