Lets Be Thankful…

August 5, 2009



I must admit that one of the most important thing to do, more than “sometimes”, in life is to be thankful. We all have dreams, desires, goals, and needs, but never be ashamed to proclaim being thankful. How can you receive your blessing, your dreams, your needs, and desires when you are not conscience and thankful for what has been given to you thus far. I never forget the things I want out of life, but they seem to come quicker and easier when I do my part, let the Lord do his, and be thankful overall. I have continuously been in the habit of writing down my goals and prayers, and I let them lay with God and not in my worrying mind. I check back every few months and always smile because I start to check them off…all because I asked, prayed, and practiced Thanksgiving. For all those who have dreams, please do not dwell on what you want to achieve and receive “from” and “out of” life, but embrace giving thanks and being thankful. Lord knows there have been times when I had no money, no way, no light of inspiration but by being thankful, I maintained my praise for the Lord and he saw me heart and answered me. This is not to be preachy or some holly rolly person, even though I wouldn’t mind the name calling :), I’m just stating what is honest and true and most importantly filled with good intentions based on my living personal testimonies.


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